“Cardinal Virtues”

 “Cardinal Virtues” is a commissioned piece which my friend Kris asked me to create for her mom, Betty, who suffers from Alzheimers.  While Kris was growing up, her mom had a passion for cardinals and Kris wanted a gift for her mom that would perhaps remind Betty of those days. So, I got to work and  fashioned this beautiful, vibrant box where today it rests on Betty’s mantle so she can look at it every day.

This piece began with a 6″ X 6″ origami folded box. I mounted “feet” of red beads to the bottom of the box then proceeded to decorate the lid and sides, finishing the piece with a velvet ribbon around the lid. I put the lid on over the bottom, but the lid remains removable. The entire piece was affixed via the feet to the base of a collector’s box and labeled. A glass case top goes over the base for protection and to further enhance the piece’s statement value. “Cardinal Virtues” includes cardinals, beads, flowers, bead garland, velvet ribbon and red pearls.


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